International travel is more complicated than domestic travel but GlobalGoals makes it just as easy.

Our expertise is your peace of mind.


Passports take 8+ weeks to obtain through the Postal Service. Let us expedite that for you.


Visa rules and requirements change frequently and they can take days or weeks to obtain. Let us facilitate that for you.


Travel Documents & Vouchers
GlobalGoals will provide you with a complete set of travel documents including your itinerary, reservations, confirmation numbers, schedules and all the other information you’ll need for smooth traveling.


Money Currency Exchange
Wherever you’re going, GlobalGoals will advise you of your likely cash needs and show you how to exchange currency at the most favorable rates and most convenient outlet.


Currency Declaration Forms
Rules for the transport of currency across national boundaries vary from country to country. We’ll help you understand the limitations and the currency declaration forms you’ll need for departure.


Luggage limits
Luggage weight, size and number limits vary from airline to airline. We’ll make sure you’re aware of your carrier’s restrictions and extra-bag charges so you can plan appropriately.