DUNS: 174053822
NAICS: 561920, 721110

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Why Choose GlobalGoals?
• Our Focus: Logistics
Your Focus: Content and People
• Financial Management/PCI Compliance
• VIP Service for Your Team and Attendees
• Bring the Best Professionals Together
• Creative Solutions Without Losing Impact

• Your Vision Turned Reality
• Best Services for Best Value
• Program Management A-to-Z or Specific Assignment
• Maintain Workable Budget
• Create the WOW Factor
• Calmly Manage Change
• Global Business Etiquette
• Excellent On-Site Experience for All


“Marti's contributions to our project were extremely valuable, executed with high efficiency and dedication. She is a true professional with an excellent reputation and wonderful business contacts. I would not hesitate to use her again in the future.”
-Colleen K. Abernethy, Platinum DMC, Minneapolis, Minnesota


“Since 2006, Marti Fox has been part of a four woman team that oversees the on-site operations for the Army & Air Force Exchange Service sales and manager seminars/meetings.”
-Erin Longley, CMP, XcelEvents, Dallas, Texas


Why Marti Fox?
At the helm of GlobalGoals, Inc. is Marti Fox, CTC, CMP, CMM, who has been producing world-wide Conferences and Travel Incentive Reward programs for corporations and associations for 30 years—Alaska to Rio, Europe to the Orient, and many other destinations.
She was recognized by her North Texas peers as MPI D/FW Chapter’s 2011 Planner of the Year. She also teaches meeting planning and related skills to future hospitality leaders at Richland College.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 702562 l Dallas, TX 75370 l Office: 1-972-417-7232 l Cell/Text: 1-214-906-7232 l Facsimile: 1-972-418-9486


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