When your company or organization hosts a meeting, convention or exposition, you have the opportunity to bring depth to the attendee experience by giving back to the local community.


HOW? By incorporating a Community Service Event (CSE) into the program schedule!

At GlobalGoals we understand that adding more to the planning workload isn't your objective...yet seeking out innovative ways to keep participants fully engaged is more critical than ever.

Let us focus on the planning and implementation details to produce a stellar Community Service Event for your next meeting that'll dazzle the C-Level stakeholders and make every participant feel a sense of purpose while engaged in team-oriented projects that'll touch their hearts, too!


  • Networking with Purpose

  • Giving Back to our Communities

  • Meeting the Expectations of your Employees


...Each of these are powerful reasons to incorporate a Community Service Event into your meetings. Foster a spirit of building a sense of "community" within your company or organization.


A recipe for success! We take our community connections and planning/logistic expertise, add creativity & resourcefulness and mix everything to fit your budget parameters. The end result is the creation of a customized program that meets your goals and generates goodwill!


Community Service projects can be implemented onsite or offsite to benefit small to large
community organizations!

Here are some examples:








The opportunities are vast and the rewards are un-chartable!

We look forward to working with you to create the right event within the right budget and time constraints for you!

  • Packing meal or backpacks for the local food bank

  • Painting a community center

  • Recovering/Cleaning up a green space

  • Building a community playground

  • Rehabitation of a house


  • Your own "Curb appeal"

  • Co-host a Health Fair

  • Build-a-Bike or Build-a-Hand program

  • Support an existing event such as Trees for Troops or Snowball Express

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